Hi there~

While it's clear that I LOVE taking pictures (why else would I be a wedding photographer?), here is what you might not know. First things first: as a bride myself, I approach weddings with a photographer's eye and a bride's heart and soul. I'll get a slew of shots of your shoes because I know that even though no one will ever see them under that gorgeous dress, you spent hours picking them out, just as I did. And, I'll keep the formals fast, because I know that you and your new husband want to get to the party you spent months (even years) planning before the hor d'oeuvres run out. And on your wedding day, I won't just be your photographer. Instead, I'Il be whatever you need me to be from your seamstress to your spokeswoman, your planner to your purse-toter and everything in between. In the brief moments that I put my camera down, I enjoy great conversation, live music, trivia nights, working on my little garden, scary movies and reading a good book. Oh, and just so we have this out of the way: Dancing Queen is my theme song so if it's on your wedding playlist, I bet we'd be a good fit. I swear I won't dance, but I may sing a few bars under my breath.